So I have finished sorting things out. I have four main sections and they are generally broken down into four sub sections. I will cover them in a bit of detail so you can understand my layout mentality. You can just jump right in, the main sections are pretty self explanatory, with the exception of “The Journey”. The Journey is my main blog and covers my day to day functioning towards self improvement. Continue reading

Super Excited

I am so excited. I got to post my first article on the Rushmore Jujitsu Facebook page today. I asked my instructor if I could write a monthly post and he agreed. I had already posted this article here on my site and Anthony of Seishin Jukite JuJitsu reposted it as well. It is exciting but, I need to elevate my game as they say. I have to continue to improve so I can provide value for our students. I can’t train as much as I would like so this opportunity gives me an outlet to grow and to share.

Everything is a hammer

Have you heard the phrase “To a beginner everything is a hammer, to a craftsman every tool has it use, to a master everything can be a hammer‘? I have observed in class during ‘circle drills’ a beginning student will almost always do one or two techniques, usually an inner parry block and a straight punch. They are timid and often lack confidence. They are unfamiliar with their tools and often have to be coached on what to do. It is natural as everything is new and strange to them. Continue reading


So I sucked the first week. I have been seriously slacking. My diet has been uneven at best. My exercise routine has been nonexistent. I have to get myself back on track. I know where I am failing the most. It is the carb craze. I have not been watching my carbs like I should. That causes me to gain weight like crazy. Continue reading