Something to Believe In

“Some days are diamonds
Some days are rocks
Some doors are open
Some roads are blocked”
~ Tom Petty / Walls

I struggle some days; some days more than others. Today is one of those days. I hurt inside and I can’t seem to get it all out. It keeps coming back to me; poisoning the well as it were.

Some days there is anger, some days just pain. Today is a pain day. I just want to curl up and cry and flood away the day with my tears. I can’t seem to stop the tide.

It is days like this where I feel so lost and alone. Like I have lost my way with out realizing where I missed my turn. I hate this feeling. It leaves me tired and exhausted. I don’t really know what I am searching for…

Another Line in the Sand

Yes, it is time to draw another line in the sand. I am doing better with my weight/size but I have a lot further to go. I know I need to get healthy. To me that means, no more meds (I take prescriptions for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol). It means that my waist is the same size as my hips and both are less than 36″ in diameter. It means I can jog for a few km with out feeling like I am going to die. Continue reading

My Journey to Wellness


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