Biggest Loser Begins!

My sister and I are starting another attempt at a biggest loser contest. Who ever loses the biggest percentage of weight wins. The contest runs until November 15th. We ‘play’ for bragging rights. It is off to a rough start… still waiting for her weigh in. I am fairly confident I will smash her again. ;) I have won the last several times we ‘played’. Wish me luck all. Oh, starting weight for me… 303.0 lbs. I will post my results weekly…

Rough Week

I struggled quite a bit this week. Tuesday was the third anniversary of losing our twin daughters. I did go walking 3 times and I did the TotalGym three times. However, my diet was not good. I am going to get it tuned up a bit this week moving forward. On the plus side I lost 2.4 lbs so that is not horrible. I will do better next week :)

Glowing Embers

The leaves have begun to change. There are glowing embers of red, orange, and gold, among the green leaves. It is a slow gradual process. As the temperatures slowly drift downward; the trees prepare for sleep.

I love this time of the year. Things slow down, the heat and humidity of summer finally begins to lose its hold. The scenery becomes beautiful. I love the sights, sounds, and smells of Autumn. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, playing in the leaves, and watching football on Sundays.

It is a time that becomes more and more focused on family. The holiday season is just right around the bend. I am getting excited. The boys will be more aware of the holidays. It is an exciting time for them.

I will leave you all with this…

Glowing embers shine
Red, orange, and yellow deep
In the dark green leaves