New Records

We went on a good walk… that is the boys rode and I walked. We went approximately 8.25 miles this morning in about 2 1/2 hours. It was a good walk and I feel pretty good other than a few aches and pains. *laughs* Tomorrow I plan on walking again, probably a bit earlier as got fairly warm by the end. I want to see if I can beat my pace but not go quite as far.

Pardon the Mess!

I am combining the majority of my old blogs into this one…

My martial art’s related blogs are living under Martial Arts > The Way. This combines the old site with the short lived and the new (which has been turned over to Rushmore Jujitsu). I have ported over both and to the new Planet Earth Gym blog. My old site has been ported to The Journey Blog> Poetry. Finally the posts from this original blog can be found under The Journey Blog. Most of the original posts have moved to The Journey Blog > Reflections.

So if you are new or returning, please, take a look around and enjoy the new diggs :)


The More I Learn…

The more I learn, the more I realize how very little I really know. I find myself constantly revisiting materials and gleaning new information from it. I will read something and a year or two later reread it and come away with a completely different conclusion. It is like I only get part of the picture and the more I learn the more of the picture I get. However, with this comes the realization of just how little I knew and still don’t know. Continue reading