I am closing this site. Well, maybe closing isn’t the right word. I will no longer be updating this site. All existing posts will remain. I am moving to a self hosted blog and starting fresh. I am at a point in my life where I need to get myself together. I have been all over the place for too long. So, if this is the end for us, adieu. However, if you wish to continue to follow my journey to new and exciting places, you can join me @

Broken Again

Once again my friend
Storm clouds are rolling
Broken inside myself
Can’t seem to break this chain
Can’t break it!
~ Godsmack / Living in Sin

This is how I am feeling again. I can feel it slipping into me, pulling me under. I am struggling to keep things together. I feel like I am on the edge all the time and can’t catch a breath or a break. Continue reading