So I have finished sorting things out. I have four main sections and they are generally broken down into four sub sections. I will cover them in a bit of detail so you can understand my layout mentality. You can just jump right in, the main sections are pretty self explanatory, with the exception of “The Journey”. The Journey is my main blog and covers my day to day functioning towards self improvement. Continue reading

I have Returned!

I returned to Aikido today. I am pretty sore, but it was a great class. I had a really good time and got to see some old friends. I was surprised at how much I remembered. I was not surprised at how tired it made me. I am glad to be able to go back. It is good for both my body and my mind…

On Your Journey

This post is a cross post from Rushmore Jukite Jujitsu where I do a monthly article.

The discussion on ranking seems to come up quite bit. You have to understand that it is not a race; it doesn’t matter how long it takes you reach each new level. In a perfect world, ranks should be a baseline, a minimum set of skills or tools to be considered at a certain level. However, this is hard to do in the real world. People will all have different natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and different achievable levels. Continue reading

Wish Me Strength

I have been signing my posts “Wish me strength” lately. In the past, I have wished for luck. Luck is not what weight loss takes, instead it takes hard work. You need the strength to stay the course. You need strength to turn down sweets and other things that are bad for you. You need strength to work out when you would rather watch TV or take a nap. It is the conscious choices that we have to make over and over that will allow us to reach our goals. Continue reading