To-Shin Do

So I have decided to continue my Martial Arts journey with the art of To-Shin Do. It is Stephen Hayes re-invention of Togakure-ryū Ninjutsu. It is a modernization, taking into account the type of attacks one is likely to face in contemporary America, vs historical Japan. It seems to cover all my basises for a realistic self defense program. There are other aspects that I am extremely excited about…

Character Building

There seems to be a lot of character building in To-Shin Do. Their main goal seems to be building better people. They want to create enlighented warriors. They study things like philosphy, meditation, and Buddhism. They are trying to create like Warrior Monks almost. I am very interested in this. I would love to learn to meditate. I am becoming a bit interested in Buddhism as well. I am trying to find my way. I don’t have any answers, just lots of questions these days….


The nearest To-Shin Do school is about 5 hours away. So for now I will be studying via DVD. I will supplement this with training with my old instructor, Sensei Tim Peterson. I am extremely excited to begin this new stage of my journey. I love the history, and the completeness of it. I love how it is not merely a sport but rather a way of life. They don’t talk about it being a way of life, they live it as a way of life…

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